Bigg Boss 15: Karan Kundrra Opens Up About His Breakup With Anusha Dandekar, Actor Says, “Agar Hum Baithkar Baat Karte Toh Solve Ho Jaata”

In a recent episode of Bigg Boss 15, Karan Kundrra opened up about his breakup with ex-girlfriend Anusha Dandekar. While having an conversation with co-contestant Shamita Shetty and he shared how he lost many friends because he was too engrossed in the relationship for the past few years. “I have lost a lot of friends recently, for obvious reasons,” he said.

When asked why, Karan revealed that it is due to his breakup with Anusha. The actor further said that he has a self-centered approach towards everything. “I am a caring person but I’m very self-centered,” he said. He then went on to say that things would have been better if he and Anusha would have tried to talk and sort things out.

He said, “Agar hum baithke baat karte toh sab solve ho jaata. Agar maine cheezon pe kaam kiya hota, baat ki hoti toh kuch ho jaata,” he shared. Shamita said how she wishes that Anusha watches whatever Karan is saying. Agreeing to her, Karan said, “I hope she watches this. Lekin na usko bhadkane wale bahut log hai baahar.”

Karan and Anusha dated for 6 years before their relationship ended on a bitter note. The actress also accused Kundra of cheating on her.

Anusha who was rumoured to be entering the Bigg Boss 15 house along with ex beau Karan Kundrra. It was reported that all of it was being planned in order to make the journey for Karan Kundrra a little bumpy However, she shut down the rumours for the second time. Taking to her Instagram Stories, she wrote, “So again this is my life, my happy place. And for the love of God please stop this nonsense about me going on Bigg Boss to fill some pages in an article, to stir up some more drama, which I’m not even a part of.”

She added, “I told you my truth, every quote or picture I post now is not about my past, it’s about MY growth! This is about ME! Stop undermining my achievements as a self made woman. I am the Boss of my own life, I don’t need to be in any house to prove it. So sleep easy, the people that are so unhealthily obsessed with it. Thank you to all of you who just le me live and spread happiness.”

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