Bigg Boss 14: Vindu Dara Singh To Enter As Rakhi Sawant’s Connection In The House

There is exciting news for all the Bigg Boss fans. Vindu Dara Singh is entering the house and he is definitely going to make things entertaining for everyone. Apparently, he would be entering the house as the family of Rakhi Sawant. He said that he can never say no to Bigg Boss and will be entering the house as Rakhi Sawant’s connection.

Speaking to Spotboye, Vindu Dara Singh said, “I can never say no to Bigg Boss about anything. It is the family weekend on Bigg Boss. I’m going as Rakhi Sawant’s family. She has always called me her brother. And since her mother is very unwell I am glad  to go as her family.”

Upon being asked about his plans during his stay in the house, Vindu Dara Singh said, “To  talk sense to Rakhi. I know she will listen to me. Rakhi  doesn’t know where to draw the line, that’s her problem. Her game  with Abhinav Shukla   has gone too  far. The flirting and teasing  has grown into something serious in her mind. I don’t think she  even realizes whether she  is acting or not.  I think she has lost touch with reality. Even about her marriage…is she married or not? I don’t think she has  clear answer.”

He added, “Apart from giving Rakhi family support  I’ve no clear plans on what  I’d do there.  I do know there is no clear winner this time. I don’t know who will win. But I hope to be of some use  during my  stay there at  the  Bigg Boss house.”

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