Bigg Boss 13: Finalist Rashami Desai And Sidharth Shukla Call It Truce; Former Calls Their Relationship ‘Beautiful’

Finally, Bigg Boss 13 has ended with Siddharth Shukla as the winner. All the housemates are back to their normal life once again. Some are meeting their new-old friends who they made in the Big Boss house while the others have moved on with their lives. Popular actress Rashmi Desai emerged as a strong contestant in the most controversial show, Big Boss.

Remember Rashami Desai and Sidharth Shukla’s equation in Bigg Boss 13 house? The reality show kick-started with contestants from being strangers to sharing friendly bonds and endless nasty fights inside the BB 13 house. There was not a single day when we haven’t seen Sidharth Shukla and Rashami Desai fighting with each other, right from stealing tea bags, to not performing accordingly in the tasks and of course the misunderstanding between Arhaan Khan, Sid and Rashami got no chills.

However, as the show was reaching its end, the relationship between the two started changing, leaving their fans surprised and shock but we also not forgot their smoking hot grand finale performance. In fact, fans even enjoyed this newfound friendship where we saw Sid pulling Desai’s leg and even flirting with her. Give credits to Rashami’s niece and nephew or their understanding, it was a treat to watch them all hunky and dory.       

Now that the show has ended Desai who used to throw fireballs at him was heard praising the guy as well as their relationship. While speaking to TOI, the actress had opened up about her relationship with Sidharth Shukla post-Bigg Boss 13. She stated, “Sidharth and I know each other very well. He is a very nice guy and towards the end of the show, we chatted a lot with each other. There were also many unsaid conversations between us.  

She further mentioned, “We felt that there will be no end to our fights and differences, but I am glad that we started communicating very beautifully with each other. We mocked each other, pulled each other’s leg and people enjoyed watching us like that. I feel it is a very beautiful and interesting relationship we have now.”When asked if they were in a relationship then, she had an instant response, “No, we were not in a relationship then. Hamaare Bohut Jhagde Hue Hain ‘Bigg Boss’ Mein, but towards the end of the show, Hamaare Beech Mein Ek Achhi understanding Bann Gayi Thi.”

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