Bigg Boss 14 Spoiler Alert: Kavita Kaushik-Eijaz Khan’s Get Into A Physical Fight In Kitchen As She Pushes Actor Eijaz; Watch Exclusive video

Television actress Kavita Kaushik, who as of late got evicted from Bigg Boss 14, had a major confrontation with co-housemate Eijaz Khan. Her remarks on Eijaz’s own life didn’t go down well with fans and numerous celebrities and she got trolled on social media for the same.

So many big names got down on Kavita on Twitter and found the actress rude. however, in an exclusive interview with ETimes TV, the actress explained her position and expressed that individuals didn’t understand her aim behind looking at dealing with Eijaz. She further shared that individuals just adhered to her statement where she said that she took care of food for him during the lockdown. Kavita is unaffected by the savages and says they don’t cover her bills.

Kavita Kaushik and Eijaz Khan’s fight is going from awful to more terrible. The two who began as friends in the Bigg Boss 14 house have become firm foes. Kavita who got the opportunity to re-enter the house of Bigg Boss is in no disposition to cover the axes and warmly greet Eijaz. In an ongoing promo, we see them getting into a physical fight.

The fight begins once again kitchen obligations. Kavita is goaded on the grounds that obviously the stage has not been cleaned. She dens that the morning is spent on housemates cooking eggs and everything gets delayed. Incensed Eijaz is currently in the disposition to disappear and gives it back to Kavita.

She likewise has a verbal fight with Aly Goni. Afterward, as the verbal disagreement among Eijaz and Kavita gains out of power, the last pushes the previous and requests that he keep separation. Kavita gets out of control, she pushes the former and asks him to keep a distance. She even complains that his mouth stinks. Nikki Tamboli is seen trying to stop Kavita from crossing lines and stop fighting.

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