Bigg Boss 14: Rubina Dilaik’s Revelation, “A Big Director Wanted To Fart On My Face In Bollywood”

Rubina Dilaik is one of the most gorgeous TV actresses who have entered the Bigg Boss 14 house with her husband Abhinav Shukla. The two have been strong contestants but Abhinav has been reprimanded for not letting Rubina stand for herself. Rubina has worked in TV for 12 years till now where she played the main lead of many popular TV shows. However, she hasn’t ventured into Bollywood and as per Rubina, her ‘sour experience’ with a famous Bollywood director kept her away from the medium. Before entering the controversial house, Rubina Dilaik has made a very startling revelation about why she doesn’t want to work in Bollywood.

Rubina Dilaik

Talking to Siddharth Kannan before she entered the show, Rubina Dilaik said, “6 years back I really wanted to do work in Bollywood and I went for all the meetings but I didn’t have a good experience. I found that television people are looked down upon, ‘TV actor hai? accha kaunsa show kiya, hamne to dekha nahi’. Aapko aapke background, credentials ya approach like which car are you driving? Are you carrying a Louis Vuitton? If you have Jimmy Choo shoes waisa wala funda tha and  I am not brand savy. You are judged for these things. Whereas, screen tests and everything are the last thing that matter. So these things left a very sour taste and I used to feel like, ‘Really, aisa bhi hota hai’’ This was long back and that time I was very naive.”

Rubina went on sharing another bad experience she had with a big director/producer and said, “I would not name the director/producer who is a pretty big name in the industry. He asked me, ‘Have you watched that film (one of his films)?’ and I was like, ‘No’ that time I was in school and hailing from Shimla (Himachal Pradesh) and coming from a conservative family, there were restrictions on girls to not go out for movies alone and before 7pm we were asked to be home so no I hadn’t seen that film. So he responded with, ‘Really? you don’t know the work I have done? I just feel like farting on your face’. And I was like ‘Did I hear that right?’. He started laughing then. You are made sit on a chair and asked ‘Tumhe pata hai maine kya kiya hai? Tum jaanti ho main kaun hoon? Tumhe pata hai tumhe kaun opportunity dene wala hai?. And that time the only thing going in my mind was I want to run from here.”

Rubina concluded by saying, “As an artist it doesn’t matter which platform you are working for and which medium is given to you. I am going to excel the way I am. And all these people, I don’t want to fan their egos or say ‘Oh wow, Sir, not my cup of tea’. I am happy with my television.”

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