Bigg Boss 14: Pavitra Punia Slams Ex-boyfriend Paras Chhabra For His Claims, ‘Don’t Need A Character Certificate’

Pavitra Punia who got eliminated from Bigg Boss 14 house last Sunday has been hitting the headlines even before entering the controversial show. While Pavitra was inside the Bigg Boss house her ex-boyfriend Paras Chhabra in his interviews claimed that while they were dating, Pavitra was already married to someone. Paras had revealed that he got to know when Pavita’s husband texted him about their marriage. Now that Pavitra is finally out of the controversial house, she is slamming everybody who talked about her while she was inside. In her recent interview, Pavitra Punia talked about the claims made by Paras Chhabra and said she doesn’t need any character certificate.

During a conversation with ETimes, Pavitra Punia said, “I don’t need a character certificate from anyone. I know very well whatever I was doing. Even if I was dating two people at one time, how does Paras know at what age I was dating them? I didn’t share those details with him. It was from my young days and I have no qualms admitting that I was a naughty girl. But when I was with Paras that time I was not dating anyone else. And when I left him and entered another relationship that person also knew about my past relationship and that I was with just him and no one else.”

Further, commenting on Paras’ claims that she dated him while she was married, Pavitra said, “For now I won’t comment on it. Very soon I will be coming out with my statement on the entire matter. I would not like to comment on it right now, all I want to say is that whatever happened it was my personal life. I would not allow anyone to enter my personal space. But if someone wants to ride on my success and use my name for publicity, you may continue to use my name till the time you want. I will decide when to stop you and get you down.”

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