Bigg Boss 14 Exclusive: Eijaz Khan Proposes Lady Love Pavitra Punia For Marriage, Says, ‘Tu Jaisi Hai, Mujhe Qubool Hai’- Watch Video

‘Bigg Boss 14’ former contender Pavitra Punia has talked about her equation with co-contestant Eijaz Khan, who she has been supporting post her ousting. The pair shared a flawless relationship inside the Bigg Boss house regardless of various fights among them and later, it gave the idea that they have succumbed to one another. Nonetheless, Pavitra says that it wasn’t “love”. Eijaz and Pavitra additionally enjoyed a date night which was inside the BB house and their affection for one another was very clear. Presently, post her eviction, Pavitra Punia said that while her affections for him were genuine, she wouldn’t state that she loved him.

While addressing ETimes, Pavitra said that her bonding with Eijaz wasn’t fake and that he would consistently be near her. She said that she loves him, however, she said they met on a television show and in the BB house, the circumstances and the game changes each day. She said that she didn’t go with the aim of beginning to look all starry-eyed, and had made it clear prior to entering Bigg Boss 14. Nonetheless, she said that she gets close to Eijaz and created desires from him. So when they weren’t satisfied, it would feel terrible. She said that they were both playing as people and she didn’t use Eijaz for the game. WATCH VIDEO DOWN BELOW

Bigg Boss 14’s Weekend Ka Vaar will broadcast on January 9, 2021, and its preview has been doing rounds on the internet as it highlights ex-contestant, Pavitra Punia, who dazed Eijaz Khan with her unexpected visit on the show. She can be seen remaining inside a glass compartment and having an emotional discussion with Eijaz. The couple looked enchanted to see each other after so long.

It was Eijaz, who disclosed to Pavitra how much he’s feeling the loss of her and stated, “Teri baat karne ke liye tarasta hu. Mai apni zindagi tere saath share karne ke liye tayar hu.” After hearing this, Pavitra began blushing and requested that he promise to remain stay with her and support her no matter what. On which Eijaz gave an answer that left everyone amazed. He stated, “Tu jaise hai, zindagi mai jahan bhi hain, mujhe qubool hai.” After which, Pavitra showered him with kisses on him through the glass divider between them.

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