Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan Finally Confesses He Loves Pavitra Punia, “I’ve Spent Longest Time With Her”

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Eijaz Khan who recently bid adieu to the show confessed his feelings for Pavitra Punia. While the two were seen often fighting with each other, we could also see the two sharing a special bond inside the controversial house. No matter what, their chemistry was truly loved by the audience. There have been many moments when Eijaz was seen talking about his feelings for Pavitra to other housemates. During the family week, when Pavitra Punia entered the house to meet Eijaz Khan, they were seen discussing their feeling with each other. Now, after his exit from the reality show, Eijaz Khan has finally confessed his love for Pavitra.

In an interview with Times Of India, Eijaz Khan said BB is the best place to know the reality of a person. He also shared that he met Pavitra, as well as her brother, after exiting Bigg Boss’ house. “The whole sham of Pavitra being a tough girl was busted; she is quite soft-hearted. In fact, she is the most caring person I know. She has been cooking for me. My fourth call after leaving the house was to her. After I left my dad, I have spent the longest time with her since my exit to understand the unsaid. A lot of things needed to be addressed, not just about her past, but also what we think of each other. We aren’t kids, we are not in the dating game, and we have had our heartbreaks. Let me put it this way, people who think my equation with Pavitra is fake, are fake themselves,” said Eijaz.

He also said that when he met Pavitra, he met her brother too. Not just that, Eijaz also made his brother meet Pavitra. “We take each day as it comes. I love her. My intention is honest, pure, and pavitra, pun intended! We will see where it goes, let us not define or label it,” he said.

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