Ever since Vikas Gupta has entered the Bigg Boss 14 house, he is showing all the different side of him. In the current season of BB, Vikas Gupta was seen talking about his family, friends, personal issues, and more. From talking about his mother disowning him after he revealed his sexual preferences to being in a Rs 1.8 crore debt, he has spoken a lot. He has also claimed that Arshi Khan used to blackmail him. However, this didn’t go well with Arshi Khan’s family and they have decided to drag Vikas Gupta to the court for defaming Arshi Khan.

While speaking to Bollywood Life, Arshi Khan’s friend Flynn Remedios stated that her family is planning to send a show cause notice to Vikas Gupta and his mother for defamation. Flynn mentioned that the family has contacted a lawyer and is figuring out the procedure. Flynn quoted, “Arshi’s family is upset about these blackmail claims. Yes, they did talk at times but she never blackmailed him. We are planning to send a show cause notice for defamation to Vikas Gupta and his mother, Sharda. We have consulted Advocate CA Ambani of Goregaon (East) in this matter. They are guiding us in the matter. Arshi Khan’s family is from Bhopal and does not know how to handle such matters.”

When Vikas Gupta claimed that Arshi Khan blackmailed him, the lady categorically denied all the allegations while having a chat with Devoleena Bhattacharjee.

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