Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni’s Childhood Friend Blasts Vikas Gupta, “He Adds Fuel To Fire”

Bigg Boss 14 is becoming more interesting with each passing day, especially after some former contestant made entries as the challengers. One of the challengers is Vikas Gupta from Bigg Boss 11 who recently re-entered the house after getting evicted for violently pushing Arshi Khan into the pool. Since few days, Vikas has been making headlines for his personal and professional life outside the house. During a recent episode of BB, Aly Goni and Vikas Gupta were seen getting into a heated argument when the former revealed how Vikas in the past has blackmailed him and his friends and how he has also stopped him from getting any work at one point.

Now, Aly Goni’s childhood friend Dr. Ishan Ahmed has come out in support of the actor and stated that Aly doesn’t hold any grudges against someone, and if he has reacted to the situation then there must be a good reason for it. He was quoted saying, “Aly is a people’s person, he has maintained a cordial relationship with everyone in the house. While many may call it fake, I know this is who he is. What we see on TV is the edited version of a day or days in those one and a half hour or two hours, it is just impossible that someone will start fighting without any reason. The fight that we see is a result of a build up from the past, and we are just shown the outburst. So, Aly’s reaction was an outburst because we have seen how Vikas always adds fuel to the fire, and Aly is not someone who will accept this.”

Ishan further added, “Even if Aly doesn’t like someone, he will not let it affect his behaviour. And I know that he doesn’t like Vikas, but other than this incident, we have seen that Aly has always talked nicely with him. In fact, last week, when Vikas said that he wanted to talk about something with Aly, he accompanied him and later he went to Arshi and convinced her not to trouble Vikas anymore. This shows what kind of person he is. He might not like everyone, but he will still be friendly with them.”

Upon being asked if this behavior of Aly can backfire on him, he said, “It may go against him because you need to be really evolved to know what kind of person Aly is. He is not fake, and if you need him he will always be there. But he is not someone who believes in paybacks, if he wants to do something for you, he will do it from his heart, and if he doesn’t want to do it, he will tell you straight on your face.”

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