Just when we thought Sidharth would have become a bit calm and cool, another episode of his anger has come to the fore. During one of the tasks, Shehnaz Gill accused the YouTube sensation Hindustani Bhau of touching her in the wrong way. While Rashami Desai backed Hindustani Bhau, Sidharth Shukla, who has grown a fondness for Shehnaz Gill, can be seen getting red with anger. He has gotten furious once again and this time his anger might fall on Hindustani Bhau.


For the luxury budget task, the contestants are divided into two groups, Team Sidharth and Team Asim, so whichever team collects the maximum alphabets, they will win the luxury budget. During the task, Sid and Asim got into a real fight for the alphabets, leaving Shukla injured. As he got hurt in his finger, Shehnaaz Gill was beside him to protect him. However, taking advantage of his injury, Hindustani Bhau came later comes to snatch letters from Sidharth while poking Shehnaaz so that she can move. But this action left Gill fuming and accused him of touching her inappropriately.


Seeing this, Rashami backed Bhau and fought with Shehnaaz over it who then asked Rashami to shut up as she wasn’t aware of what had happened. But Bhau tries to explain his side. When Desai supported him, Sidharth Shukla became furious and ended up locking horns with Desai. Later, Sidharth also shouts on Rashami for unnecessarily creating an issue.