All Parth Samthaan and Erica Fernandez fans one day wake up to the wonderful news of something lovey-dovey brewing between the two and the very next day the news of their breakup leave them disappointed. The couple has been in an on and off relationship for months now. Ignoring each other at events and not inviting one another at parties and then after few days forcefully feeding each other and celebrating Diwali together makes us all confused.

Now a recent report in claims that the two are back to being lovers. The leading online portal had quoted a source saying, “Parth has gone back to Erica and apologised for whatever happened between them and they are giving their relationship another try.”

A few days back there were rumours that Parth and Erica’s relationship has hit a rough patch due to Parth’s growing intimacy with co-star Ariah Aggarwal. A report in SpotBoye had claimed that Parth is getting cosy with his other co-star on the show Ariah Agarwal has often been spotted at Ariah’s Lokhandwala residence. Rumour had it that their attraction for each other is new, but galloping with giant strides. But later Ariah denied dating Parth and said, “Parth is a very good friend”

Earlier a report in had claimed that Parth and Erica have developed romantic feelings for each other. The portal had quoted a source saying, “It seems that Erica and Parth are now more than just good friends, say the sources we have parked on the sets of Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2. There are hushed whispers on the sets of this Ekta Kapoor show that Erica and Parth have probably developed romantic feelings for each other.”

The rumoured couple were inseparable on sets and were spotted with each other frequently.  A source close to them had once shared, “Parth and Erica have been inseparable and are always together. They both arrive on the set together and wait for each other’s pack-up to leave together. They are very fond of each other and clicked since the day they met. Parth is always in Erica’s make-up room and they find their way to each other even in between shots. Parth also went to meet Erica’s family and they seem to adore him.”

Talking about his bond with Erica Parth had once shared in an interview, “I remember meeting Erica for the first time on the set. We hit it off right away. Erica and I are around the same age so, it was really easy to get along with her. She is an amazing person and we have a lot of fun in between shots. She is an experienced actress and is multi-talented, so I get to learn a lot from her. It’s great that our off-screen friendship is translating really well on-screen and viewers are enjoying our on-screen chemistry.”

We are as happy as you are seeing these lovebirds back together.