Himanshi Khurrana has emerged as one of the strongest contestants of the Bigg Boss house. Be it her growing fondness towards Asim Riaz or fight with other housemates she always manages to grab the headlines. Although Himanshi has openly spoken about being in a committed relationship she has never revealed his identity on the show.  It was only last night (November 27) Himanshi revealed her fiance’s name.

Calling Asim Riaz’s fondness toward her ‘Ek tarfa” she stated that despite his continuous efforts to woo her the reality won’t change as she loves her beau “Chow”. Asim confessed his feeling for her and said, “My vibe is different when I sit with you. I am not myself.”Himanshi who used to maintain a safe distance from him said she too wants to know how she feels around him.

Himanshi also told Asim to back off or he will come across as a “Majnu” to the audience. She had stated, “I can’t control your feelings, but you know the reality.” Soon after Bigg Boss showed a picture of a bearded man laughing and he is none other than “Chow”

Is Himanshi really dating Chow? only time will tell. Earlier reports suggested that Himanshi’s ring man is none other than Punjabi music sensation Ammy Virk. However, Ammy’s elder brother Bhagwanth refused all the rumors.

Bhagwant claimed that his brother Ammy is not who Himanshi has exchanged rings with. That is if she has. You know, sometimes, in fact, many times, Bigg Boss contestants say so many things for just the heck of it. “Himanshi is no way connected to my brother Ammy”, said Bhagwanth.