Bigg Boss 13 Breaking News: Akanksha Puri Finally Breaks Up With Paras Chhabra After He Claims He Loves Mahira Sharma

Last week’s weekend ka vaar was a big rough for Paras
Chhabra. He was reprimanded by the host Salman Khan. To prove himself right,
Paras even said that he wasn’t in love with Akanksha and had tried to breakup
with her as well. He wanted to enter the house as a free man but it was
Akanksha who wanted to stay with him and couldn’t let go. While Paras made his
point clear inside the house, he forgot that his girlfriend Akanksha also needs
some clarifications. She had been constantly supporting Paras throughout the
show no matter what he did but it feel that last weekend was the final nail in
the coffin for their relationship.

Paras Chhabra claimed that he would break all ties with
Akanksha on coming out of the house and take his relationship with Mahira
Sharma forward. This has deeply hurt Akanksha Puri and she has decided to break
all ties with him before he even gets out.

During the last weekend ka vaar episode, Paras clearly
mentioned that he wanted to break-up with her before entering the show but she
does not want to leave him. He further says that she is moral support for him
since the time he has moved to Mumbai. He also claims that he is in love with
Mahira and will end his relationship with Akanksha and then is planning to move
forward with Mahira. He further calls her a ‘broker’ for managing things
between him and his stylist.

Her friend said, “Akanksha is deeply hurt after watching the
Weekend Ka Vaar episode. She is disappointed with the way Paras has portrayed
her and their relationship on the show and in front of Salman Khan. She has
been supporting Paras ever since he has walked inside the house but he has let her
down. She doesn’t want to be with a partner like him and feels it is better to
end this relationship where there is no respect for her and her efforts.”

Akanksha Puri was always very clear about her love for Paras
Chhabra and their relationship. She had always supported him and was eagerly
waiting for him to come out. Earlier, Akanksha in an interview with Mumbai
Mirror, revealed that they are supposed to get married this year. She said,
“Maybe (marriage in 2020). Let’s see. I’m not sure. I’m just waiting for him to
come out (of the Bigg Boss house). There are a lot of things that I need to
clear. If I go inside the house and talk to him about these things, he is not
going to give me an exact answer as he will still be in the game. So, I’m just
waiting. Let’s see where it takes us. I’m prepared for everything. We had
plans. That was the last conversation

Paras and I had just before he entered his vanity (van). He
was keen that we shouldn’t delay anymore and that it should happen soon (after
the show is over). He was very happy. But I was somebody who said that you
first come out then we’ll talk about it. I think this is his time. I want him
to focus on his work as he has really waited for this for a long time. Right
now, these things can wait.”

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