Pavitra Punia On Her Love Story With Eijaz Khan: “We Will Take It Forward Slowly”

The controversial Bigg Boss house has seen many contestants falling in love but only a few have had a successful relationship and Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia could be one of those couples. The two confessed their love for each other on national television but when a celebrity publicly accepts his or her relationship, people find their relationship not-so-genuine. Now, Pavitra Punia, who is in love with Eijaz Khan, wants people to know that their love is real.

Pavitra Punia who was often seen fighting with Eijaz Khan during their early days in the Bigg Boss 14 house says their feelings were never fake. “Our feelings are real. What we have is real. It takes courage to say something like that on national TV. When we were in the reality show, it was never fake. Even my friends, have asked how real is it but let me tell you, no one will do it for footage. No one will ruin personal image for publicity. We are sure right now. We will take it forward slowly,” said Pavitra.

“When we were apart for over a month, it was the moment of truth for us. Our feelings didn’t change. We used to care for each other but staying apart made it clear to us that it is love. Future toh unpredictable hai! We can only decide and live in the present. It is a blessed moment for us. Earlier, we felt attachment and care and now we are in love. Love is when you know you are there for someone and when that person is there for you. We wish our future is on a good note. Hopefully, we will give good news soon… very soon. Love is a beautiful feeling. I love his aura, his personality and also his stubbornness,” she says with a smile.

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