In a candid discussion on Shubhankar Mishra’s podcast, actor Emraan Hashmi shed light on his relationship with frequent co-star Kangana Ranaut and shared his views on the credibility of awards shows.

Hashmi described his relationship with Ranaut as “fantastic, cordial, wonderful,” noting that they share a special tuning due to their history of working together in multiple films, including “Gangster,” “Raaz,” “Ungli,” and “Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai.” Despite their positive rapport, he admitted they haven’t met since collaborating on a 2015 Dharma production. “I’m very fond of her, she’s very fond of me,” he said.

The conversation veered into the contentious territory of awards shows, a topic on which Ranaut has been vocal. Hashmi seemed to take a subtle jab at her, remarking, “Maybe because she isn’t winning any longer,” when asked why she would criticize such events.

He recounted his own experience, stating, “I remember winning once, but I soon understood the ‘game’ behind this. It’s essentially a barter deal; you make an appearance and dance.”

Hashmi elaborated on his disillusionment with the awards circuit, explaining that he chose to distance himself from it. “I wouldn’t want to diss awards, but if someone wants to decorate their living room by dancing, all power to them. But I can’t pat myself on the back and say that I’ve delivered a good performance, because it’s a lie,” he asserted.

He argued that awards should be based on merit rather than appearances, a principle that has led him to skip such events. “The value of these awards shows has been diluted over the years,” he added.

Discussing Ranaut’s frequent criticisms of nepotism in the film industry, Hashmi suggested that her complaints might be turning into a crutch. “It’s good to protest about something if you are an outsider, but if you keep saying that again and again it becomes a crutch. That becomes like a – I wouldn’t want to use such a harsh word – but an excuse, when you should be pushing ahead,” he commented to Janice Sequeira. He pointed out that despite being an industry outsider, Ranaut was given the central role in “Gangster,” while he, with his industry background, played the antagonist.

Hashmi was last seen as the antagonist in the Salman Khan-starrer “Tiger 3” and recently starred in the Disney+ Hotstar series “Showtime.” Ranaut is gearing up for the release of her solo directorial debut, the period drama “Emergency.”