Babil Khan Gets Emotional And Pens Down A Heartfelt Note To Dilip Kumar

Babil Khan remembered the late actor Dilip Kumar on Saturday and how he inspired and impressed his father, the late actor Irfan Khan. After a long-term illness in a Mumbai hospital, Babil also regretted not being able to commemorate Dilip Kumar before his death on Wednesday. He was laid to rest with full state honors in the evening.
On Instagram, Babil Khan shared the autobiography photos signed by Dilip Kumar that he and Irfan Khan received and gave a glimpse of the cover of the book. He also wrote a note to remember that they felt a little overwhelmed by the best way after receiving a copy of the book. He also went back in time, recalling “(He) fell in love with Dilip Saab for the first time after watching the 1949 movie “Andaz”.

Babil wrote, “I was at our farmhouse, preparing for ‘Qala’ when I got the news, how ashamed I was to have not been able to do this in time, for the death of a man that inspired Baba and me for uncountable ages. I didn’t have any telecommunication network and I literally rushed back to Mumbai just to be able to pay tribute to the master. Baba used to watch Dilip Saab in complete Awe, and trust me there were very very few instances when Baba would feel awe-struck, the great Dilip Saab was one to demand that from him through his irreplaceable charm and subtlety.”

“I remember the first time I fell in love with Dilip Saab, it was ‘Andaz’. His portrayal of the immensely complicated emotion that he had to project in the song ‘Toote Na Dil Toote Na, I knew I was in love. I am so grateful that we as a family had a chance to be mesmerized by him together. Thank you so much, Dilip Saab, you were way ahead of your time. When we received this copy of his Autobiography signed by him, baba and I were a little overwhelmed, in the best way. To touch these pages. I cannot explain how it feels,” he continued.


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“May your soul travel into a world that you wished for when all the fame and money became clear as an illusion, and the true purpose of evolution started to dawn on your being. May you travel safely and peacefully. Thank you for your immense contribution to the craft of applying honesty to ‘acting’.I don’t want to cry right now,” he concluded.

Fans also showered his post with love, taking to the comments section. A fan wrote, “What a beautiful tribute to him. Perhaps the best I have read on him!” Another said, “How beautiful and genuine.” A third commented, “A great actor will always get inspired by great ppl. I want to see Irrfan in U Brother .. let’s make it to Bollywood soon, waiting eagerly.”

“I am amazed by your level of maturity, sensitivity, sensibility, and honesty. Your parents have raised you right and you are making them proud. Go forward in life with this immense pride! I wish you joy and success in life!” another fan said. “@babil.i.k, you have an art of expression…I love reading your posts. It takes us to the emotions and the feelings behind…I am sure you are a writer at heart. God bless the beautiful soul,” another wrote.

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