Australian Chef Gary Mehigan Wins Applause For Seeking Permission Before Kissing Huma Qureshi: Check It Out!

Gary Mehigan, a master chef from Australia, politely sought Huma Qureshi’s consent before kissing her. He receives a lot of praise from the audience. In the world of movies, Huma Qureshi is a powerhouse of ability. She is presently occupied with marketing Tarla, a movie that is based on the famous food writer Tarla Dalal. In the midst of this, she was recently photographed with well-known Australian Master Chef Gary Mehigan, and their friendship has garnered much praise.

Gary Mehigan asks permission from Huma Qureshi before kissing her

Since Gary Mehigan showed his chivalrous side for the actress during their brief meeting, Huma Qureshi has been the talk of the town. For those who don’t know, Huma and Gary got to know each other while promoting Tarla, her upcoming movie. The pair can be seen conversing rather affectionately in the interactional video. Many of their followers, however, are smitten with Gary because of the moment when he kindly questioned Huma before kissing her. For the video, click this.

Fans laud Gary for his polite permission and chivalrous behaviour

As soon as the video of Huma and Gary’s meeting went viral, followers were eager to take notice of it and join together to sing the Australian chef’s praises. Undoubtedly, Gary made a commendable decision when he asked a woman’s consent before kissing her. Internet users shared their thoughts on the topic in the post’s comment area. However, as one user noted, “That is how a man should behave”, another one commented, “I liked the way he took permission.”

When Huma disclosed on her experience of working in a biopic for the first time

Huma Qureshi spoke candidly about her first-ever biopic experience in a separate interview with Cinema Express. She said it was a major thing to present herself as the genuine Tarla Dalal because the latter had such a distinctive personality. She also stressed that she was able to entirely lose her sense of self and, in a sense, become the role. Her words are: “I went for it in a very real, granular manner. I wanted people to see my performance and say ‘Oh that’s not Huma, that’s Tarla’. I think when an actor is able to capture that, then doing a biopic becomes fun.”

Huma Qureshi revealed on facing rejections in the film industry

Huma Qureshi has become well-known for her flawless acting abilities, yet she still carries the stigma of being an outsider in the field. In a previous interview with the New Indian Express, Huma discussed the subject and claimed that despite having a long history of chart success, she continues to receive many rejection letters for movie roles. She did, however, say that she possesses the spirit of a fighter that will enable her to continue fighting even after experiencing the worst.

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