Ashiesh Roy’s Sister Conia Talks About His Demise “His Body Looks Like He Was Asleep”

Many stars have lost the battle of life this year and the Sasural Simar ka actor Ashiesh Roy was one of them. He passed away on 24th November this year and it has been heartbreaking for everyone to hear. It was known that his health had been deteriorating since the lockdown as his kidney issues kept getting more serious. Now, his sister Conia Halder has come forward to talk about her brother’s sad demise.

While speaking to Bombay Times, Ashiesh’s sister Conica Halder was asked if she was upset that only a handful people came for his funeral. She said, “Not at all. I don’t think Ashiesh would have liked too many people either. When I saw his body, he looked as if he was asleep. There was peace and calm on his face. I am thankful to his friends, including (actor) Sooraj Thapar, who took care of him during his renal failure, when I couldn’t fly down due to the lockdown.” She also opened up about speaking to Ashiesh on the day of his death and that he was supposed to undergo dialysis on the same day.

Recalling the promise that Ahiesh had made to her, she said that Ashiesh would often tell his sister that he has led a full life with no regrets, except that he did not take care of his health, which he should have. However, he had assured her not to worry, and that he would live long.

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