Virat Kohli, the Indian cricketer, and his actress wife, Anushka Sharma, recently visited the Mahakaleshwar Temple in Ujjain. The couple may be seen sitting inside the temple with other pilgrims in a video that has gone viral on the internet. Virat and Anushka sat in a nook together as Virat spoke with one of the priests.

Virat Kohli was in Indore for the third Test against Australia, which was completed in three days. Anushka and Virat may be seen sitting together inside Mahakaleshwar Temple in a video that has gone viral. Anushka donned a pale pink saree, while Virat wore white. With the priest sitting alongside him, he seemed to keep his head down while he prayed. The priest leans in and speaks to him at one point. Anushka and Virat had previously visited temples in Uttarakhand and Vrindavan. Vamika, their daughter, also joined them.

According to ANI, Anushka, and Virat also took part in the ‘Bhasma Aarti’ on the occasion. A well-known ritual here is bhasma aarti (ash offering), which is performed between 4 and 5:30 a.m. during the Brahma Muhurta. The pair then went to the temple’s sanctum sanctorum to perform Jalabhishek. In line with the puja’s rules, Virat wore a dhoti and Anushka wore a light peach saree.

This year, Anushka and Virat have already visited temples in Vrindavan and Uttarakhand. They paid a visit to Baba Neem Karoli Ashram in Vrindavan earlier this week and stayed for about an hour, getting ‘darshan’ of Baba’s’samadhi’ and meditating in a ‘kutia’ (hut). According to reports, they also gave the ashram blankets. Anushka’s family follows Baba Neem Karoli. The family then travelled to the Maa Anandamayi Ashram.

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