After their intense journey on Bigg Boss 17, Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain dispel breakup rumours with a joyous celebration. Despite speculations of relationship strains during their time in the Bigg Boss house, the couple emerged hand in hand, proving all is well between them. Ankita organized a lavish bash, inviting loved ones, including fellow ex-contestants, to share in their happiness.

Ankita’s Dance Sparks Backlash

While the celebration painted a picture of happiness, a specific image from the party stirred controversy on social media. Ankita Lokhande was captured in an intimate dance with Navid Sole, leading to netizens questioning her alleged double standards. The actress faced criticism for her closeness with Navid, contrasting with her apparent discomfort over Vicky’s interactions with other female contestants on the reality show.

Netizens React: Insecurity and Hilarious Memes

Netizens highlighted the perceived discrepancy in Ankita’s behaviour, expressing concerns about her reported insecurity regarding Vicky’s relationships with other women. The juxtaposition of Ankita’s reactions within the Bigg Boss house and her party demeanour triggered online discussions. Additionally, humorous memes circulated, associating Ankita’s mother-in-law Ranjana Jain with the iconic character Lalita Pawar, adding a lighter touch to the online discourse.

Ankita’s Post-Elimination Reflections

Ankita Lokhande, visibly disappointed by her elimination and missing the Top 3 spot, shared a heartfelt note reflecting on her Bigg Boss journey. Even Salman Khan, the host, expressed shock at her departure, calling her a winner in his eyes. Despite the setback, Ankita is set to conquer new frontiers with promising projects, including Naagin 7 and upcoming Bollywood ventures.

Meanwhile, Netizens actively participated in discussions, pointing out the double standards of the actress. It created amusing memes that added a humorous twist to the online narrative. Meanwhile, Ankita remains resilient in her professional pursuits, ready to captivate audiences with her upcoming projects