During the promotion of her film, ‘Heart Of Stone,’ Alia Bhatt attracted attention by flaunting shiny Korean skin. Here are some comments from online users regarding her color adjustment! Alia Bhatt recently lauded her co-star Gal Gadot for being hospitable during their initial meeting in a promotional interview tape that just went viral online. After a demanding schedule of shoots, Alia recounted how the latter was worn out and drained but still managed to make coffee for her visitors. The social media user noted that Alia’s complexion appears more white and that she saw anything odd about her face. Posted by the user: “What has she done to her face and why? To look more white? Japanese?”

Alia Bhatt gets slammed for using skin whiteners for colour correction

Alia Bhatt’s lighter skin tone drew a lot of attention when the video went viral on the internet. The actress’ efforts to obtain significantly whiter complexion have angered the internet community, who have criticized her for it. While one individual offered a comment, “They’re trying to market her like a Korean babydoll”, another one penned, “Its the glutathione injections.” However, several online commenters also brought up the fact that Alia in the video appeared to be Korean, while Gal was displaying her golden skin tone.

When netizens reacted to Alia Bhatt’s massive transformation in before and after pictures

For her ongoing transformation throughout the years, Alia Bhatt frequently makes headlines. While some think her transformation was brought on by aging, others insist the actress underwent cosmetic surgery. A Reddit user previously posted an image collage of Alia Bhatt that showed the actress’s before and after images. Her remarkable face change, though, caught the attention of online users. The image, which depicted Alia’s dramatic metamorphosis from a cute and plump girl to a hot hottie, was accompanied by the caption: “After so many nose jobs, lip surgeries, hairline surgeries, she should be the last one to pail the gyan over being natural/ vegan.”

Many internet users responded to Alia Bhatt’s before and after photos as soon as they appeared online, even pointing out the possible facial procedures that she may have undergone. One of them wrote: “Alia Bhatt has gotten work done to her eyes/eyebrows, nose, chin area, hairline basically the whole face, but it’s very subtle and it’s small work so it’s not noticed as much.” Another one commented, “She did something to her eyelids to make them less hooded, check out SOTY pictures. Also they remove baby fat from cheeks to make them more contoured. Almost everyone does that.” A netizen pointed out the surgery that she might have had and penned, “It’s called buccal fat removal. It gives you that sharp model look.”