After Raj Kaushal’s Prayer Meet, Ashish Chowdhry Pens An Emotional Note, Reveals Why His Beautiful Heart Stopped

Actor Ashish Chowdhry has penned an emotional note for his big brother and filmmaker Raj Kaushal. He took to his Instagram to share some pictures from his prayer meet along with a heartfelt note. In his note, Aashish Chowdhry wrote, “He always said that it was only about leaving a legacy. And that term ‘legacy’ to me and most of the world means ‘success’. But now when he’s gone, I get it. The only legacy is LOVE. Love for and from not only friends and family, but from every person who we meet and interact with even once or twice in our lives. Be it, anyone. Big or small. Poor or rich”.

“The things those people say and feel about us even after we’re long gone. And how much they remember or miss us after our lives have ended. We can’t take money and property with us when we’re gone. We can only take the wishes of people who only wish that the person who they feel so much hollowness without, hadn’t gone. And that’s what my brother has abundantly left behind, he added.”

He further talked about how his heart was bearing and supporting and said, “A legacy of so much love that he spread from inside of that insanely big and soft heart of his. The heart that was bearing, supporting and fulfilling so many other hearts that unknowingly were so dependent on him. It was all that non-stop, overtime work that his beautiful heart did, that made it stop – maybe. But it stopped only after leaving a massively unmatched legacy of love behind.”

“That’s how amazing my big brother was. He was truly a blessing to this universe. Actually, he still is. I still sense him and I know that this universe can’t do without him. He’s eternal. And he’s definitely with Monica looking out for me and all those who like me are in need of angels. I feel it, Ashish added.”

He concluded, “What he always said – “Life is short meri jaan. Make it matter. Khush reh aur woh khushi paagalon ki tarah phela da. Kuch logon ko maaf kar de or kuch se maafi maang le. There’s no time for negativity bhai. And no time to waste.”

Raj Kaushal died on early Wednesday after suffering a heart attack his last rites were performed later in the day at Shivaji crematorium by his wife and actress Mandira Bedi.

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