Recent developments in the “Bigg Boss 17” reality show have led to the removal of Abhishek Kumar from the house. This decision was made by the house’s captain, Ankita Lokhande, after a tense incident. Abhishek physically struck fellow contestant Samarth Jurel. Abhishek’s father has publicly reached out, seeking support for his son’s return to the show.

In a heartfelt video message, Ashwani Kumar, Abhishek’s father, makes an earnest appeal to the show’s host, Salman Khan. He expresses his concerns, stating that contestants Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel were antagonizing his son. Ashwani alleges that they not only taunted Abhishek about his mental health but also made derogatory remarks about his family, including his father.

Eviction After Heated Altercation

The incident that led to Abhishek’s eviction unfolded dramatically. During a routine interaction, a heated exchange escalated between Abhishek and Samarth. The situation intensified when Isha Malviya, Abhishek’s former girlfriend, joined in. The argument reached a boiling point when Samarth threw a tissue paper ball at Abhishek, provoking a physical response from him. The housemates were taken aback as Abhishek slapped Samarth, an action that led to his immediate eviction by Ankita.

A Father’s Appeal for Compassion

Following the incident, Abhishek did express remorse for his actions, offering apologies to both Samarth and Isha. His father, in the video, underscores Abhishek’s emotional nature and implores Salman Khan to show compassion. Ashwani Kumar highlights Salman’s history of helping others and requests a chance for forgiveness and re-entry into the “Bigg Boss 17” house for his son.

The incident and subsequent plea from Abhishek’s father have stirred up various reactions among viewers and followers of the show, adding another layer of complexity to the ongoing drama in “Bigg Boss 17”.