Aamir Khan is known as Mr Perfectionist of Bollywood and he knows just how to keep people entertained. However, in his personal life, he has had a past that wouldn’t make him the perfectionist that he is. He had been married twice and between these marriages, he even had an affair and a love child with the lady. His affair was with a British Journalist and he had a baby with her as well who is now all grown up.

Everyone was shocked when his affair with Kiran Rao came into light as he was already married with Reena Dutta. He got married to Kiran after getting a divorce from Reena but not many people know about one more woman with whom Aamir had an alleged affair.

A British journalist Jessica Hines who claims that she met Aamir during the shooting of “Ghulam”. The affair started and they both got into a live-in relationship but it all ended when Jessica got pregnant. Aamir asked her to abort the baby because he was not ready to take the responsibility but Jessica refused. She gave birth to the kid after coming back to London and named him “Jaan”.

In 2015, Jessica disclosed that her son Jaan is all grown up and is working as a model after getting featured in Vogue UK for the first time in 2012.

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