Virat Kohli Praises Anushka Sharma’s Sacrifices For Daughter, Vamika, Calls Her An Inspiration: Read On!

Virat Kohli has talked openly about the sacrifices his wife Anushka Sharma made after deciding to have a mother and hailed her as an inspiration. The world’s top batsman is unquestionably Indian cricketer Virat Kohli. He has acknowledged his wife Anushka Sharma as his inspiration, though, on numerous occasions. The adoring husband frequently attributes Anushka’s success to her, referring to her as the most important person in his life. The former India captain thanked his wife, Anushka Sharma, for bringing a lot of love into his life prior to the third Test series against Australia.

Virat Kohli recently engaged in an emotional talk about his loving wife, Anushka Sharma, and his cherished daughter, Vamika, on an episode of the RCB Podcast with Danish Sait. Virat added how Anushka helped him realise that his troubles were insignificant and that she had made many sacrifices as a mother. When considering the same, he said: “The way things have been in the past two years, we have had our child and, as a mother, the sacrifices that she made have been massive. Looking at her, I realised whatever problems I had were nothing. As far as expectations are concerned, as long as your family loves you for who you are, you don’t expect much because that is the basic requirement.”

He stated that his wife, Anushka, is his main source of inspiration as he continued to discuss how he finds inspiration at home. Virat discussed how, prior to meeting Anushka, he had a very different outlook on life and how she had encouraged him to make positive changes. He continued: “When you look for inspiration, you start from home and, obviously, Anushka has been a big inspiration for me. My life had a completely different perspective. When you fall in love with a person, you start processing those changes within you as well. Her outlook towards life was different, and it urged me to change for the better and become more accepting of things.”

He said as he described how Anushka gave her life to their daughter: “It is selfless, it is unconditional. You also need to put things in the right perspective. You can’t put your issues which seem huge to you in the forefront and make them into something, you know, catastrophic going on, wherein you realise that this is life. I play a sport, this is my profession but when I see the transformation that happened with her, that for me is life. That for me is far bigger and far, I mean you can’t even put it in the same bracket. It’s not even comparable because it is literally your life being given to another life which has to grow up in front of you.” 

On the professional front, Virat Kohli will take the field at the Holkar stadium in Indore for his 200th international game against Australia.

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