Viral: Before Poonam Pandey It Was Manisha Koirala Who Allegedly Faked Her Death In The 90s

The recent death hoax involving Poonam Pandey has brought back memories of a peculiar incident from Bollywood’s past, where director Mahesh Bhatt falsely declared the demise of Manisha Koirala in 1995. This unsettling incident unfolded as a promotional tactic for Bhatt’s film “Criminal,” adding an unexpected twist to the movie’s narrative.

Mahesh Bhatt’s False Announcement in 1995

In an unconventional move, Mahesh Bhatt released a newspaper poster featuring the headline, “Manisha Koirala has passed away,” as part of the film’s promotional strategy. Adding a layer of irony, the actress’s character in “Criminal” met a fictional demise, portrayed as being killed by a doctor. The film starred Nagarjuna and Ramya Krishnan in pivotal roles, creating a buzz around the controversial promotional approach.

Poonam Pandey’s Death Hoax

Fast forward to the present, Poonam Pandey, in an Instagram video, addressed her recent death hoax controversy with a crucial message. She emphasized her existence and highlighted the importance of raising awareness about cervical cancer, dispelling any notion of her demise due to the disease. The actress revealed that cervical cancer had claimed many lives due to a lack of awareness.

Poonam Pandey asserted, “Unlike certain cancers, Cervical Cancer is entirely preventable.” She urged followers to focus on the HPV vaccine and early detection tests, emphasizing the means available to prevent loss of life from this disease. Pandey encouraged everyone to empower each other with critical awareness and shared a link for further information on tackling cervical cancer.

The actress’s plea was met with criticism from various Bollywood celebrities and prominent personalities, condemning her for resorting to what they deemed a cheap publicity stunt. The controversy sparked discussions on the ethical boundaries of promotional strategies and the responsibility celebrities hold when addressing serious health issues.

As Poonam Pandey’s stunt continues to draw attention, Bollywood’s history serves as a reminder that unconventional promotional tactics and false death rumours have been utilized before, creating waves of shock and debate within the industry.

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