TV Actors Barkha Bisht And Indraneil Sengupta Are Living Separately Now Amid Reports Of Trouble In Marriage? Deets Inside

The news of trouble in the marriage of Indraneil Sengupta and Barkha Bisht had startled us. Their married life used to look all happy until earlier this month when reports of trouble in their paradise started hitting the headlines. If rumors are to be believed, Barkha and Indraneil’s marriage has hit the rock bottom due to his alleged affair with a Kolkata-based girl. Although Indraneil and Barkha have maintained that they are very much together.

Now latest reports suggest that both Indraneil and Barkha are living separately and have decided to take a break. A source close to the couple told ETimes, “Things have not been okay between the couple since the last five months. Indraneil has moved out of their apartment and is currently living with his parents in the same building.” The source mentioned that Indraneil’s link-up rumour with a fellow co-star has made things worse between the couple.

The source had further added, “Currently, Indraneil and Barkha have decided to take a break. Let’s hope that they are able to sort out their differences and reconcile in the future.” When Barkha and Indraneil were contacted they were not available to comment on the matter.

Meanwhile, as per reports Barkha has unfollowed Indraneil from her social media. However, he still continues to follow his wife. The duo has been married since 2008 and they are parents to a 9-year-old daughter Meira who is reportedly staying with Barkha. In the past few days, Barkha have shared several pictures with her daughter Meira which do not feature Indraneil.

We really hope it’s just a lover’s tiff and the couple reunites soon.




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