Sunny Leone Once Faced Sexist Remark From A Journalist, Said ‘I Felt Alone And Upset’

Sunny Leone won everyone’s heart with her entry into the Bigg Boss house. The actress revealed her profession of being a porn star to her fellow contestants and received a tremendous amount of support from a few.

However, Sunny once had to face an uncomfortable situation outside the house, in an interview. Back in the year 2016, Sunny was once called upon a show by a news channel for an interview which was conducted by the journalist Bhupendra Chaubey.

The episode left everyone especially the actress appalled and extremely unhappy with the manner the questions were being asked. The host of the show from the beginning started out asking misogynistic and sexist questions about the porn star’s past. At one point the journalist asked her if her past will still continue to haunt her? To this, the actress had given a befitting reply and said that “It is you who is calling it haunting”. “I’ve never said held back. I am not held back. Maybe I don’t know yet. Maybe one day I get to work with somebody who is this huge star. At this moment, I don’t know any better so it doesn’t affect my life,” she said.

Recalling the same interview months later, Sunny said that she is not the kind of person who will walk out of interviews. But the actress felt what was happening was not right and she felt completely alone. Sunny also added that no one helped her out in the situation. The actress felt upset as she had never imagined she will have to face the kind of interview.

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