Still in Indian society we are not given right to chose our partner

We are in the 21st century still in our Indian society we don’t have right to chose our partner in many conservative families . Love marriage is still not allowed in large number of families even in the open minded families who are just for the sake are open minded. But in actual they are not. In India , marriage is taken or right to choose the partner is generally given to the elders of the family except the groom and the bride. Supreme court have finally elaborated on a person’s right to choose a life partner as a fundamental right under article 19 and article 21.

As the cases of “honour killing” of couples who married against the wishes of their families or community have increasing thats why the court have provided the protection. The right to marry is a part of the right to life under the Article 21 of the constitution. The right to marriage is also stated under Human Rights Charter within the meaning of the right to start a family .Choosing your partner or right to marry is a universal right and it is available to everyone irrespective of their gender. So our law also provides a protection.

Many cases are reported  in which the boy and girl are killed because of the factors they are from the different caste, religion , clan , difference in financial status. So these things come into the marriage . A girl and a boy both have the right to choose their partner , consent of the family is also important so family should not only support them and set an example for the whole society. Many acts are made to marry through legal procedure like Special marriage act, Hindu marriage act etc. So one should get the chance to chose  his partner keeping other facts in mind also.

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