Power of happiness is inevitable. We don’t get happiness from anyone or anything , happiness comes from within. No one can make us happy except we ourself. It not only provides us a sense of optimism but also is infectious. Our environment is made by the people around us so it depends on us,what type of people we are choosing because it will affect our environment which has a direct environment on us. So our company plays a very important role in our life. According to recent study , everyone attempts to finds happiness in three ways : doing good for others; doing things you’re good for you.Moreover , those who are the most optimistic , are the happiest overall.

Research have also proved that happiness is also closely tied to your job,your closest relationships and taking care of yourself physically and emotionally. Being happy not only effect the person’s health physically but also mentally also like:

-person will start seeing the positive side of the situation.

-it enhances our problem solving ability

-lower the risk various health issues like cardivascular diseases, blood pressure etc.

-it also helps us to manifest good things in life.

Now the question arises that how we can make ourself happy and  others also . Some basic daily habits can contribute to the happiness :

-smile , and feel that everything is fine then you will start feeling better even if the situations are adverse.

-show gratitude towards every one.

-get plenty of sleep

-be kind to everyone

-do what makes you happy

-acknowledge the things and the memories which are making you unhappy

-meet the people who love to spend time with

-do recreational activities

-stay away from social media because it brings somewhere stress , use it as a stress buster not a stress creator.

So staying happy play a crucial role in our life , in our environment also because happiness attract good things.