Skin tags are gentle tumors of the skin. It commonly occurs in rumples or fonds. Skin tags are not painful and do not root any serious reaction but can result in decomposition if brushed against very hard. Aside from this, Mole treatments are safe and effective to remove from the skin.
Skin tags or papillomas are mostly growths on the skin. They take place mostly on the nose, neck, face, chest, armpits, or inner thighs.

They can be harmless, but it is always advisable to get them checked that might need immediate attention as they can also be due to some medical condition.Besides surgery, also, there are safe and effective treatments to remove moles. We suggest some home remedies to remove skin tags. Read on below:

1. Banana peel:
Everyone usually throws off the banana peel after we eat the banana. This peel also can be used to remove skin tags- you just need to cut it and place it on the tag and cover it up with tape properly. Keep the peel overnight and wash in the morning. Repeat this daily and the tag will fall off in a few days automatically.

2. Castor oil:
Castor oil is an effective home remedy to remove skin tags. You can mix the oil with some baking soda into a thick form of paste. Apply this paste on the skin tag two to three times a day. Around three to four weeks for the tag and falls off naturally.

3. Garlic:
Garlic can also work as a home remedy when it comes to skin treatments. Though, keep in mind while using garlic to treat skin tags. Put out one slice of garlic and apply it to the tag. Cover it with tape. Make certain you replace the garlic with a new and fresh clove after every time you apply. After this process of about 3 days, the tag will fall off spontaneously.

4. Lemon:
As everyone knows, Lemon is citric in nature and accordingly helps in the decomposition of the tags’ cells. Compress a few drops of lemon juice on a cotton ball, and apply it to the tag. Keep in mind that do not go out in the sun. You can apply lime juice three to four times a day. The tag will come off in two to three weeks.

5. Onion juice:
Onion juice with some salt is an amazing home remedy in the form of paste for the removal of skin tags. Apply the mixture on the tag of this paste, and leave it overnight for work. Gently cover the applied part before you sleep and wash this in the morning. The skin tag will fall off in one or two weeks naturally.