Shahid Kapoor, who is known for his versatile performances, recently made headlines as an old MMS video resurfaced, showing him kissing his former girlfriend Kareena Kapoor. The leaked video, which is believed to be from several years ago, took the internet by storm. In a heartfelt response, Shahid Kapoor revealed his emotional turmoil, expressing how he felt devastated by the invasion of his privacy back in the day.

The Leaked MMS:

Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor’s past relationship, has sparked a frenzy among fans and the media. In an interview with a known publication, the actor recalled the time when his video was leaked. The video, which went viral years ago has now been searched again and has become a topic of intense discussion. While the authenticity and source of the video remain uncertain, Shahid Kapoor’s reaction sheds light on the impact such incidents can have on an individual.

Shahid Kapoor’s Emotional Response:

In a candid interview, Shahid Kapoor expressed his distress and anguish over the leaked MMS video. The actor revealed that the incident had deeply affected him, emotionally and mentally. Shahid acknowledged that the invasion of his privacy and the subsequent public scrutiny took a toll on his well-being, leaving him feeling devastated.

In the same interview, the journalist mentioned that three kids had come to his office and shared the video for 500 Rs. Meanwhile, Shahid Kapoor is married to Mira Rajput and has two kids, the actor has been busy giving back-to-back powerful performances. He was last seen in Bloody Daddy which does well, but his earlier project Farzi has been ranked in the top ten shows worldwide.