Shabana Azmi On Her Close-Death Accident “I Had Fainted With Brain Injuries”

Veteran actress Shabana Azmi has had a near-death experience in January this year. She had a very horrifying car accident and it was a close shave. The actress, who has made her name in the Bollywood industry is now all fine and even resumed work within 40 days of the accident. Now, in a recent interview with Times Of India, the veteran actress opens up about her unfortunate car accident and shared how she was told that her nerve-wracking car accident back was a close shave.

Shabana Azmi

During the interview, The five-time National film award-winning actress was questioned about her unfortunate car accident. Talking about it, The veteran actress said, “I had fainted. I was told it was a very close shave.” As the veteran actress shared how she was told that the car accident was a close shave, she joked and added, “Because of the injury to the brain, I can say that I have a brain (smiles).”

Shabana Azmi who resumed her work within the 40 days of the close-death accident, shared some details on the same. She said, But 40 days later, I resumed work for ‘Halo’ in Budapest and now I am shooting for Nikhil Advani’s ‘Moghuls’. Work keeps you going and you need to carry on.” Talking about the time after her car accident, Azmi shared, “I received so much respect and concern from all parts of the world during that accident period and I think that’s one of the main reasons I recovered.”

Shabana Azmi also mentioned how she still goes off to Khandala (where the accident took place) even after the unfortunate accident. She said, “I still go off to Khandala but have to be a little careful of course but aisa bhi nahin ki saara time wohi sochna hai. I think we need to live life to the fullest.”

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