Bollywood actress Zareen Khan made her Bollywood debut inverse Salman Khan in Veer. Since the time she entered the entertainment world, she confronted correlations and is called Salman’s old buddy Katrina Kaif’s lookalike. However, consistently Zareen has revealed her disappointment uncovering that the comparison has not driven her anyplace. Presently during her most recent interview with Navbharat Times, Zareen Khan by and by responded to being called Katrina Kaif’s copy. The actress said that the correlation among her and Katrina Kaif got her profession ruined.

She told the Hindi portal, “I came to realize that I am Katrina Kaif’s clone subsequent to venturing into the business. Before that individuals used to reveal to me that I resemble my mom. It became something other than what’s expected throughout everyday life, that individuals began saying that Zareen Khan is the look-life of Katrina Kaif. I think it was the individuals who made my Katrina resemble the other the same personality, it was made by the media as it were. Around then I didn’t get an opportunity to converse with the media, on the grounds that the producers of the film planned to dispatch me in an unexpected way.”

She further added, “Now media will be media. The media needs to know it all early and along these lines, all my work got ruined. The media told the news that the young lady in the film Veer seems as though Katrina Kaif and it ruined all my work. This news has prompted a channel in the crowd that the young lady in Veer appears as though Katrina and accordingly individuals were not allowed to make their own assessment on me.”

She proceeded to add, “The information on Katrina Kaif’s replica didn’t work in support of myself. Whoever comes in this entertainment world, they come to recognize themselves and not have any desire to live as somebody’s shadow. In the event that I were outside this Bollywood industry, I would have been exceptionally glad to hear that I am Katrina Kaif’s replica since she is lovely.”

Back in September 2019, Zareena Khan had said on her comparison with Katrina Kaif, “Most importantly my looks were contrasted with Katrina. Individuals love looking at, when Preity Zinta came, they compared her with Amrita Singh. At the point when Amisha Patel came, they contrasted her with Neelam. Be that as it may, by one way or another, when these young ladies came, the individuals they were contrasted with, were finished with their piece of acting. Here we both are together and on account of these correlations, I couldn’t say whether there is some sort of inconvenience between us.”