Bigg Boss 14 has commenced and the fans are constantly glued to their screens to watch the mad fights and the controversies. One of the first controversies of the show was about Sara Gurpal. After she entered the show, he alleged e- husband Tushar Kumar came out and told about their marriage back in 2014. He even talked about the two moving to America and then Sara coming back for work in India. He had shared pictures with the contestants claiming marriage and even showed the marriage certificate.

Times Now got in touch with Tushar Kumar to get his reaction on Eijaz Khan liking his ex wife. In the show itself, Eijaz had said that he really likes Sara Gurpal as he finds her cute and feels like hugging her.

Tushar Kumar had said, “I think we are over it now. I have no feelings left for her. We are done and we have both moved on. I hope she is going to find somebody but whoever she finds like, she shouldn’t take it for like fame or anything. She should find a guy who’s good from inside and she should not like people for fame and what fame is going to do to her.”

In an earlier interview, Tushar Kumar had said that the two were married back in 2014 and that they were in America after their marriage. However, as Sara Gurpal couldn’t find work in the states, she decided to move back to India. He then went on to say that once work and fame started coming her way, she chose that over her personal life.