Sanjay Dutt’s Daughter Trishala Shares About Getting Cheated And The Longest Relationship She Had, “He’s Married With Children Now”

Sanjay Dutt’s daughter Trishala Dutt who may be away from the showbiz world is definitely not away from the headlines. For the past year, the star kid has been making headlines for her relationships. She is also a social media star and keeps everyone updated about the happenings in her life. And she doesn’t shy away from sharing even the lows of her life with her social media family. During a recent Q&A session with fans on Instagram, a user asked if she has ever been cheated on, she answered ‘Yes’.

When another user asked about her longest relationship, she said, “I won’t get into major details on why it ended but let’s just say we decided to mutually part ways. He was ready for a life at the time I was not and we had many, many differences that accumulated over the years.” “In a nutshell – we both grew apart. It happens. Today, he’s married with children and I wish him all the best,” she added. Earlier, Trishala had talked about being in a toxic relationship and being treated like ‘trash’.

He quietly isolated me from my friends without me realizing it. Anytime I would go out, I would text him when I got home and he would send me a passive-aggressive text stating ‘oh, someone got home late’ (wink emoji) insinuating maybe I was doing something I wasn’t supposed to be doing.”

“Now, please don’t come at me and say maybe he was joking around. No. Lol. I know him very well and I know his past. That was a straight up dig thrown at me,” she had written on Instagram Stories

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