Sanjay Dutt’s Daughter Trishala Dutt Opens Up On Being Treated Like Trash By Ex-Boyfriend

Being in love is the most beautiful feeling in the world but getting the same love back is something not everyone is blessed to have experienced. Sanjay Dutt’s daughter Trishala also opened up about being in love but getting nothing but toxic behavior in return. The girl is a social media star and keeps everyone updated about the happenings in her life. And she doesn’t shy away from sharing even the lows of her life with her social media family. When she hosted an AMA or Ask Me Anything, she shared a lot about her life and one such detail was about her toxic relationship.

Trishala Dutt took to her Instagram stories to reveal that her boyfriend did not treat her well and it was a toxic relationship. “Long story short he treated me like trash. Obviously. And every day, I thought ‘he’s just having a bad day’, ‘Well, he’s going through a lot so it’s okay’, ‘maybe tomorrow will be better’. And it never got better. It got worse,” said Trishala.

Sanjay Dutt’s daughter mentioned she has taken a big step since then. She also shared that she has grown as a person ever since. Trishala revealed how she owned up to her toxic behaviour of tolerating the person and not standing up for herself. She said, “I owned up to my own toxic behaviour which was not standing up for myself and allowing him to treat me the way he did. I chose to accept that. And shame on me. But, I’ve grown, learned, and here I am today. Yay.”

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