Zareen Khan, known for her debut in “Veer” (2010), is hospitalized in Mumbai due to dengue. The actress took to her Instagram account on Wednesday to provide her followers with an update on her health. Sharing a series of photos from the hospital, Zareen kept her face hidden but conveyed her progress by posting an image of a glass of fruit juice, along with the caption “#RecoveryMode”. Another photo showed her receiving intravenous fluids, accompanied by the hashtag “#LifeUpdate”.

Zareen Khan’s recent appearances in Hindi cinema include the LGBTQ+ love story “Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele” in 2021. However, she has been relatively absent from the film scene, with her Bollywood journey marked by sporadic appearances. Last year, Zareen disclosed that her mother’s health had been a significant factor in her reduced on-screen presence.

Zareen is determined to make a comeback, focusing on multiple aspects of her life. She expressed her intention to learn Kathak and other dance techniques, recommitting to her fitness regime, and becoming more active on social media platforms. The actress also hinted at forthcoming announcements when the time is right.

Recently, Zareen Khan addressed a question about her early years in the industry when she was frequently compared to Bollywood star Katrina Kaif. She candidly shared her feelings, saying, “When Zareen Khan entered the industry, she felt like a lost child without a filmy background. Being compared to Katrina Kaif, whom she admired for her beauty, initially made her happy. However, this comparison hindered her career progression, as the industry didn’t provide her with an opportunity to showcase her individuality.”


As Zareen Khan focuses on her recovery from dengue and anticipates her return to the industry, her fans eagerly await her comeback and the new chapters she’s poised to write in her Bollywood journey.