Rubina Dilaik Shares Her Battle With Depression And Suicidal Thoughts, “I Thought Why Is There No One Around Me?”

Rubina Dilaik shot to extreme fame with Bigg Boss 14 and emerged as the winner of the controversial reality show. During her stint in the BB house, the actress made headlines for several reasons. During one of the episodes, Rubina had told Salman Khan that she battled depression nine years ago and even had suicidal thoughts. Now, in a recent interview, Rubina Dilaik opened up about the same and revealed how she dealt with it.

Talking about where she was “nine years ago”, Rubina told Bollywood Bubble, “Unstable, over-ambitious, insecure, not knowing what to do. Not understanding how to handle professional life with personal life. Away from family, too much into work that did not give me time to make friends. In that situation, you just isolate yourself from the possibility of leading a happy, fulfilled life. That creates lack of empathy towards yourself.”

Adding that normally these things are not talked about, she said, “You just cannot figure out what is happening. You start thinking ‘why am I irritable, why is there no one around me. Why can I not achieve success’. Too many questions and no answers. There I realised that the problem is somewhere within. There is a lot that I cannot understand, but there is also nobody to guide me. We do not have formal education about it, no one talks about depression.”

She concluded by saying, “All I had was turning to self-help books, listening to audio tapes. Even asking for a psychologist was tabboo. I looked for it online. I think it was a blessing that work wasn’t that great and relationship was at the lowest and I was looking for something to hold on. I found yoga and meditation. I looked online to understand what was wrong. Thankfully, I figured out.”

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