Raveena Tandon Slams Kangana Ranaut For Claiming ‘99 per cent Of Bollywood Uses Drug’

Kangana Ranaut is on fire and has been making a lot of revelations about the industry. She has been in Bollywood for some years and has made this claim on national television with her personal knowledge. According to her, 99% of Bollywood is drug user and none from the fraternity came out to defy the same. However, now we have Raveena Tandon speaking up on the same.

In response to lawyer Mahesh Jethmalani’s tweet who questioned about Bollywood’s ‘deafening silence’ on the issue after Kangana Ranaut claimed that 99% of people in the film industry engage in the use of drugs, Raveena Tandon tweeted that an entire industry could not be generalised and that it has ‘the good and the bad’. “Globally,99 % of judges, politicians, babus, officials, cops are corrupt. This statement cannot be a generic description for all. People are intelligent. They can differentiate between good/ bad. Few bad apples cannot spoil a basket. Likewise, our industry also has the good and the bad,” she wrote.

Mahesh had tweeted, “A Bollywood actress makes a serious charge claiming personal knowledge on a TV channel with a large viewership that 99% of Bollywood consumes narcotic drugs. Not one person from that industry contradicts her. What inference is the public to draw from this deafening silence?”

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma also responded to Mahesh’s tweet and said that he was ‘baffled’ by the film industry’s silence on Kangana’s allegations. “Though I belong to the same fraternity, I am as baffled as u ..And their silence also extends to them being called rapists, killers, mafia etc,” he wrote on Twitter.

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