Rakhi Sawant Undergoes A Drastic Change, Sacrifices Her Priced Beauty Possession

Rakhi Sawant knows how to be in the news. Right after her alleged marriage to an NRI Ritesh, she has been making a lot of headlines. She keeps posting various videos for her fans where she can be seen cooking, getting ready, or simply crying over her husband leaving her alone. And her followers have loved the craziness. And now that it’s a new year, we couldn’t have expected Rakhi to come up with something to keep her fans entertained.

In her latest video for New Year, Rakhi was seen sitting inside her car with the seatbelt on. She starts by asking her fans if they can see her new ‘hair look.’ She said that she has got this new hairstyle for Christmas and New Year. She flaunts her new look and then says, “I don’t know kaisa lag raha hai”. She then reveals that she has to get her hair colored before Christmas and she wll get it done.  Have a look at the makeover that Rakhi Sawant has undergone.


In other news, Rakhi Sawant’s name can still be heard in Bigg Boss house years later. Time and again, her name is taken in Bigg Boss 13 contestants’ fights and name-calling sessions, one example being Hindustani Bhau name-calling Shehnaaz Gill as Rakhi of the Bigg Boss house.

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