Radhika Merchant’s Pics In A Hand-Painted Midi Dress Resurface, Netizen Calls Her “Girl Next Door” See Here!

As Radhika Merchant’s photo from one of her outfits at the NMACC opening ceremony was reposted on Reddit, netizens were once again captivated by her grace. Radhika Merchant, the soon-to-be Ambani bahu, is adored for her easy going demeanor and endearing grin. Although Radhika is often seen showing off her true self, her dress choices never fail to catch the attention of millions of people. Radhika astounded everyone with her excellent sense of style on May 3, 2023, when the Ambanis staged a big musical performance of “The Sound Of Music” at NMACC. In addition, once the images reappeared, they once more captivated online users.

Radhika Merchant in a hand-painted clinched midi dress for one of her looks at the NMACC launching event

Ajay Patil, a renowned photographer, offered some of his best images of Radhika Merchant, Ambani’s future wife, taken at the NMACC ceremony. Radhika Merchant appeared in the photos wearing a hand-painted, cinched midi dress with spaghetti straps and a raw-edged neckline. Radhika chose light makeup, including defined brows, winged eyes, flushed cheeks, and glossy lips to round off her immaculate appearance. She also chose a solitaire diamond pendant and straightforward but cozy footwear. She was picture-perfect for the evening in every way.

Netizens are mesmerised by Radhika’s simple yet elegant look

When a photo of Radhika from her appearance at the lavish musical performance of the NMACC launch event was reposted on Reddit, internet users were once more enthralled by her grace. While one person wrote, “Something about her feels so effortlessly fresh regardless of what she wears. Love the natural skin and lack of airbrushing!” Another netizen wrote, “+ her hair! Looks like a girl next door.” One more comment read, “She has an extremely beautiful face. Stunning lady.” Check out the comments:


Radhika Merchant’s hand-painted midi dress is priced at Rs. 58k, and Oran sandals cost Rs. 72k

Regarding Radhika’s attire for the evening, her hand-painted midi dress from the clothing line Aje included lovely flower designs of native gum nuts and sculpted bodice pleats. The elegant gown is priced at Rs. 58,100. Radhika chose the Oran sandals from the high-end designer Hermes, which retail for Rs. 71,820, to go with her ensemble.

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