Pregnant Anita Hassanandani Shares Her Experience Of Conceiving Naturally At 39: Details

Anita Hassanandani has given very good news last week about her pregnancy. She announced the pregnancy news with a beautiful video and later also shared her husband Rohit Reddy’s reaction to the news. Now, she has once again talked about her decision to conceive at this age and how natural it was. She has shunned all those stereotypes around the biological clock for women’s body and made it pretty clear that it is totally normal to conceive at a later age and age is nothing but a number.

Anita Hassanandani also shared her apprehension about getting pregnant at this age. However, she later revealed that she totally believes in going with the flow. In an interview with ETimes, Anita said, “The age-factor did play on my mind. Many people told me that it’s going to be tough, it overwhelms you. But once I conceived naturally, I realised that age is just a number. You need to be mentally and physically fit for everything to fall in place. Jo naseeb mein likha hota hai, woh toh hota hi hai. Today, Rohit and I feel well-settled — we are financially and mentally in a place where we are ready to have a child.”

The actress further added, “I am someone who goes with the flow. Right now, the COVID situation is serious, but the idea is not to take undue stress because if God has planned it for you in a certain way, he has definitely thought of everything. If you are at peace, sab smoothly ho jaata hai.”

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