Rashami Desai’s Rakhi Brother Mrunal Jain Is Not Okay With Arhaan Khan’s Truth About Marriage & Child, Wants To Meet Sis ASAP

Arhaan Khan’s truth came out to the fore a few weeks back but people close to Rashmi Desai have still not digested this big revelation. Rashami Desai seems to have made peace with it but it’s certain that she would take some step once she comes out. However, outside, her family is worrying about the girl who has gone through so much Inside.

Arhaan Khan’s truth came out as a big shocker not for Rashami Desai but for her family outside the house as well. And a leading entertainment daily, talked to Rashami Desai’s Rakhi brother Mrunal Jain about the same and even he was shocked about the truth about Arhaan Khan being married and even having a kid.

They asked him straight up: What’s your take on this, Mrunal? “Frankly speaking, I would like to meet Rashami and I want to meet her soon. Mujhe aidsa lag raha hai that I should go inside the House now and talk to her. She needs me or her brother Gaurav, I am sure she has a lot to say. I want to go and hug her. I want to go and hold my sister. I bet, she’s going through a lot.”

Has he spoken to Gaurav? Pat came the reply, “Nope”. But is he okay with the fact that Rashami is in love with a married man, who is not divorced and has a kid? “As of now, I am not okay with it. But let me have a conversation with her for 10 minutes before I come out with my final take.”

“I am not thinking anything about Arhaan. I am just thinking about Rashami. I can read her face.”

We conclude by telling him that it’s a bit tough to understand that how come he did not know about Arhaan as he is so close to Rashami. “Look, there is always that one thing which you don’t know about your near and dear ones- since every human likes to keep certain things to only him/herself. And this was one such. I don’t think that even Gaurav knew about it either.”

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