Pratyusha Banerjee’s Ex- BF Rahul Raj Singh Claims She Never Dated Vikas Gupta, “He Had Proposed To Her, She Had Declined As She Was Aware Of His Sexuality”

A few days ago we broke to you the news that Vikas Gupta has claimed that he has dated Pratyusha Banerjee for a short period of time. His revelation came as a surprise to her fans after 5 years of Pratyusha’s death. In the same interview, he had revealed that she found out about his bisexuality after they parted ways. And now Pratyusha’s ex-boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh has refuted these rumors and said that Pratyusha has never dated Vikas and he is just using her name for publicity.

In an interview with ETimes, “Pratyusha never dated Vikas, so the question of them parting ways doesn’t arise. In fact, they weren’t even on talking terms after a point. He shouldn’t cook up stories for publicity. Pratyusha would have slapped him had she been alive”. He also claimed that Vikas is cooking up these stories for publicity when the person is not alive to respond to his claims. He had revealed that Pratyusha had once disclosed to him while they were doing the show “Power Couple” that Vikas had proposed to her but she refused because she was aware of his sexuality.

He added, “When I asked her why didn’t take up any project after Balika Vadhu and cash in on the success of her show, she told me that Vikas had planned a project with her, which he scrapped later.”

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