People Compare Sana Khan To Sofia Hayat; Actress Says “Spirituality Isn’t About The Way Of Dressing Up”

A few months back, Sana Khan got into the limelight after she denounced the Glamor world and decided to take the spiritual path. She even refreshed her social media feed by deleting all her glamorous pics. Recently, she got married to Mufti Anas in Surat, the wedding was only attended by close family members. However, this decision of her didn’t go well with netizens and they started comparing her to Sofia Hayat who also gave up the glamour world and went on to take the spiritual path but only for a few days. Now, seeing all the comparisons happening on social media, Sofia Hayat has come forward to shut all the netizens.

Speaking to Spotboye, Sofia Hayat said, “I am fed up with my comparison to Sana Khan. What is wrong with some people. They think spirituality is all about what dress you wear! When I was a nun I did not have sex for 18 months. Now, I do not wear my nun’s outfit everyday…does not make me less spiritual. I am more spiritual in my nudity than fully dressed, low minded and low vibrational people, do not understand this. I have not had sex in 3 years. I am still Mother Sofia and still spiritual. Do you think all the temples and ancient lands I have activated, have not had an effect? think the effect goes when you change your clothes?”

Defending Sana, Sofia further added, “Can someone educate the small minds please. They are the fake spiritualists who think they know God, when they know only the work of comparing and judging and talking bad about people. The people who do this are not spiritual at all. Leave Sana alone. She can do what she wants, when she wants. How many of you cover your head in a temple and then you take the cover off when you leave the temple? You are hypocrites. This whole planet is a temple and you must respect every person on it. If you think you have the power to judge others,  walk a day in my footsteps, and you might learn something.”

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