‘Pavitra Punia Cheated On Me Four Times, She Had Affair With Paras Chhabra’, Says Her Husband Sumit Maheshwari

Pavitra Punia was evicted from Bigg Boss 14 last Sunday. Pavitra has been in the headlines for her affairs even before entering the controversial house. During her stay in the Bigg Boss house, Pavitra was seen talking about her ex-boyfriends Paras Chhabra and Pratik Sehajpal. During an episode, Pavitra Punia was also seen talking to Kavita Kaushik about her broken engagement. She also mentioned that the guy had told her that he won’t marry anyone else and that Pavitra is the only girl who can enter his life. Now, the guy who is in question is Hotelier Sumit Maheshwari, who has come forward to speak about his relationship with Pavitra Punia and stated that Pavitra cheated on him four times.

In an interview with a Youtube channel Fifafooz, Sumita Maheshwari said that he was the man in question. Sumit revealed that he is married to Pavitra Punia and she has been hiding the fact that they are married. “We are still husband and wife. We got engaged and we were married also, but she didn’t disclose it,” said Sumit. He went on to accuse her of cheating on him four times during their marriage. Sumit also confirmed what Paras had previously alleged — that Pavitra cheated on her husband with him, and he found out when her husband texted her that she was still married.

“I had texted Paras when I found out about their relationship,” Sumit said in Hindi. “I told him that you can be in a relationship with her but wait till we get a divorce. My family is involved. I still have a tattoo of her on my hand. Nothing has changed from my side.” He said that he was shocked to learn about her relationship with Paras, especially when he found out that she and Paras had stayed at the same hotel in Goa where they’d celebrated their wedding anniversary. “We’ve been facing these insults for a very long time,” he said.

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