Celebrities often find themselves in the spotlight, and their actions and behaviors are closely scrutinized by the public. Recently, an old video clip of actor Saif Ali Khan allegedly threatening his driver has resurfaced in the context of the blackbuck poaching case. This incident has sparked a reaction from netizens, who express their concerns regarding the use of power and the responsibility of public figures.

The Resurfaced Video

The video clip in question captures a heated exchange between Saif Ali Khan and his driver, which reportedly took place during the investigation of the blackbuck poaching case in 1998. The incident occurred when Khan was questioned by the police, and tensions appeared to escalate between him and his driver. Although the exact context and circumstances surrounding the incident remain unclear, the video has re-emerged, raising questions about Khan’s behavior and the potential misuse of power.

In an old clip, Saif had to appear in front of the Jodhpur court for the hearing of the blackbuck poaching case in 2018. He was in legal difficulty for being engaged in the slaughter of a blackbuck while filming Hum Saath Saath Hain with Salman Khan, Tabu, Neelam Kothari, and Sonali Bendre. The actor’s automobile was besieged by paparazzi and media professionals waiting for him to comment on the case and the court proceedings.

In the footage, which ANI posted on their official Twitter account, a very frustrated Saif calmly but authoritatively lashed out at his chauffeur. He instructed the driver, “Sheesha upar karo, reverse karo warna padegi ek.” It is safe to assume that the actor’s statements split the internet.