Vikram Bhatt Opens Up On Nepotism: ‘There Have Been Examples Of Nepotism Being Successful’

The ongoing debate on nepotism, outsider v/s insider have been there in the Bollywood industry but it became more evident with the sudden death of Sushant Singh Rajput. Since then, many celebrities have come forward to talk about nepotism and shared that they have also been a victim of this. While there are people coming forward to talk about ending nepotism, there are others talking about the Struggles faced by even the star kids. Latest to join on this debate we have filmmaker Vikram Bhatt who explained what makes a person a star or makes him taste failure, keeping in mind the debate on outsider v/s insider.

During a conversation with Times Now, Vikram Bhatt said, I have no take on this debate, I’m sick and tired of this debate, I think it’s a non-issue.” He goes on to state, not all-star kids are successful, sometimes they too taste failure compared to an outsider achieving great height and vice-versa. He says, “There have been examples of nepotism being successful, examples of nepotism failing. There are examples of people coming from outside and becoming big and then there are people from outside who don’t become big. There is a bit of both in both. And I think too much has been made of this debate.”

Vikram Bhatt also shared that if one is talented he/she will soon taste success, with nepotism being just an opportunity and not success because ultimately the audience will decide. “If you have real talent, you are going to make it sooner a lot. And nepotism is always about an opportunity, not a success, I think that you are made a star, not by nepotism, you’re made a star by the audience. The audience decides to see your movies, the audience decides to make you a star,” adds Vikram.

The filmmaker concluded by saying, “Nobody and nothing can make you a star except for the audience. No amount of money, no amount of influence, no amount of father’s pot of gold can make you a star. “See the audience, the audience, and only the audience.”

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